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The Bullsheet relies primarily on submissions from students to fill its pages.  On occasion, we will also print submissions from faculty, staff, and alumni.  It is not likely that submissions from outside the Denison community will be accepted.

The Bullsheet does not accept anonymous submissions, so please include your name or Slayter Box number.  We also do not accept payment in any form for any reason, including donations and payment to publish ads.

In submitting content, remember there are a few simple rules:

  • We will not edit the content of your submission
  • Your submission cannot contain any personal attacks against non-public figures or it will be rejected
  • Your submission cannot in any way violate Denison University’s Code of Student Conduct or it will be rejected
  • We will publish ads for campus events, student organizations, local requests for student assistance (i.e. tutoring, babysitting, research, lost and found), and service opportunities
  • We will not publish ads for commercial purposes

To submit, email us at or fill out out the form below.

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3 thoughts on “Submit to Us”

  1. Uploading word files would be nice, also it would be preferred if the text could be aligned to the right as opposed to classical left setting.
    Title: A Human’s Computations on: Welcome to the Party: A Response

    • I’m currently working on adding that functionality. I just today got the submit box to notify us via email automatically when we get a submission (I used to have to send it in myself) so it may take a little bit. It will likely be fixed by tomorrow night.

      UPDATE: File uploading has been added.

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