Our Staff

And let it be written that the following individuals shall occupy the various positions of The Bullsheet staff for the Fall 2016 semester!

1466118_10202527646966804_3806971856765153230_nAidan Cronin – Managing Editor

Referred to by his friends as Aiden, but you’re not his friend so don’t call him that.



10342462_939091799436799_7074540505991621247_nHunter Janness – Senior Editor

He only got on staff because he’s a Hilltopper and has been coasting along ever since.




1157583_502748836485043_2050739143_nKatie Landoll – Junior Editor

Katie is well into her evil scheme to take over The Bullsheet and use it to promote a harmless-looking cupcake business which will be a front for her global iPhone case-smuggling operation to fund the army that will take over the world after shutting down the internet in 2047. You won’t get away with it, Katie! Not if the Blue-Haired Wonder (former senior editor, Lea) has anything to say about it!



11986946_810204469095539_3305817583379479730_nMaggie Chamberlain – Sophomore Editor

Certified jenius. Loves to nibble on niblets and giggle at giblets.



12495205_10204140656316601_2945570138295879159_nPeter Heft – Head Writer/Co-Editor

The Bullsheet’s resident grumpy, old “conservative” who will inevitably find something you say disagreeable.



10985893_995087257175877_7679115390845282293_nNick Salasky – Senior Writer

Nick was born in the rural town of Chicago, Illinois, back in the good ‘ol ’90s. He first noticed his passion for smiles and blonde hair when he was 3, around which time he first met Adam Weinberg. The two became the best of friends. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Nick has a passion for not sending in his biographies when they’re due and doing IT stuff on campus or something. No one knows.

10365326_857583947605821_7044115844150099858_oDaniel Timmermann – Sophomore Writer

Dan has spent a lot of time dancing around in the street with eight pairs of socks and some wooden shoes.