Our Staff

And let it be written that the following individuals shall occupy the various positions of The Bullsheet staff for the Fall 2017 semester!

12495205_10204140656316601_2945570138295879159_nPeter Heft – Managing Editor

The Bullsheet’s resident grumpy, old “conservative” who will inevitably find something you say disagreeable.



1157583_502748836485043_2050739143_nKatie Landoll – Co-Editor

Katie is well into her evil scheme to take over The Bullsheet and use it to promote a harmless-looking cupcake business which will be a front for her global iPhone case-smuggling operation to fund the army that will take over the world after shutting down the internet in 2047. You won’t get away with it, Katie! Not if the Blue-Haired Wonder (former senior editor, Lea) has anything to say about it!



11986946_810204469095539_3305817583379479730_nMaggie Chamberlain – Junior Editor

Certified jenius. Loves to nibble on niblets and giggle at giblets.



Jax Preyer – Sophomore Editor

Resident Bullsheet Greek Life-r (RIP Aidan Cronin) and generally declares everyday “a mental health day”. 



Zach Correia – Sophomore Editor

Covers DCGA, Denison’s history and student protests for the Bullsheet and only really does it for the hate mail.



Annie Fletcher – Sophomore Editor

Quotes comedies and tries to convince people she knows what’s going on. 60 percent of the time it works… every time.




10365326_857583947605821_7044115844150099858_oDaniel Timmermann – Head Writer

Dan has spent a lot of time dancing around in the street with eight pairs of socks and some wooden shoes.



Diego Rubey – Junior Writer

Diego is taking a semester off to focus on being the 2018 Pokemon TCG World Champion. He is currently testing Gardevoir and Volcanion decks, although his personal favorite Pokemon is Ivysaur.